(An English translation of the famous Urdu poet Sir Mohammed Iqbal’s well known
poem ‘Himalaya’)
Translated by Dr. Syed Sarwar Hussain

O Himalaya! thou fortress of sovereign Hindoostan!
Heavens above doth bow down, to kiss thy brow’s span.
Not a single sign of ageing doth, thy massive frame betray;
Thou stayeth young amidst, the swiveling night and day.
God’s glorious light caught Moses’ eyes, alone on Mount Sinai;
But thy manifestation absolute, draws each discerning eye.
To the lure of wand’ring gaze thou art, no more than a mountain chain;
Whereas to us, our mighty guard, the wall of Hindoostan.

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Confronting A Bore

You do not listen,
All you hear!
When tongues blurt out,
Languages unclear!
When talkers are a bore,
Absolute and sheer!
When words weave tangles,
You cannot clear!
When speakers thoughts,
Smudge yours and smear!
When voices deafen you,
As they hit your ear!
Shambles, shambles, all they speak,
Shards and blizzards, all they blare!

A Lost Child In A Dull Class Room

The tedious humdrum of the tutor’s voice,
Is no classroom victim’s personal choice.
It stings his defenceless, unwilling ears,
And he listens naught what he sourly hears.
Like thorny growth of wild plum-trees,
Words their tangled thickets weave.
And the baffled hapless boy in class,
Is unwarily caught in the piling mass.
And deafened by the teacher’s garbled blare,
He plods homeward like an image in despair.