Gloom And Grace

When maddening voices fade away,
and silence deep prevails;
When deafening buzz of fretful day,
is hushed by the darkling vales.
When ploughs and oxen loll in barns,
after daylong sweat and slog;
When grandmas spin their corny yarns,
and cloyed kids sleep like a log.
When the ominous owl from a gnarled oak tree,
lets out its weird death-howl;
And the timorous mouse to its burrow quickly,
scurries fearing the devil on prowl.
When luminous glow-worms shine in dark,
illumining and cheering glum night;
Like a lodestar brighten flickering spark,
to the wand’ring travellers’ delight.
When dew drops fall on furrowed earth,
an’ the seeds on bare earth’s breast;
And the soft soil lies in hopeful mirth,
for the sun’s warm morning tryst.
My thoughts then turn to the black despair,
that wreaks on human race;
Till a gleam shoots humming, thru the misty air,
‘How can gloom ever, shroud lasting grace? ‘